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Tips & Tricks To Amp Up Your Designs: Selecting & Using Accent Colors

  Most everyone has heard of using accent colors, perhaps mostly when painting a room and creating an "accent wall" or in fashion wherein someone might have an "accent piece" in their outfit. However, accent colors are used frequently in graphic design as well and can be incredibly powerful when used correctly. How to select an accent color: image credit: In order to select an accent color, take a look at the color wheel and look for what is considered a complementary set of colors, meaning a set of two colors that reside opposite of each other on the color wheel. From there, you can form the majority of your piece's color scheme from one of those colors or colors similar to it with a singular color from the other side of the color wheel as the accent color, usually a shade that is much brighter, lighter, warmer, or cooler than the other shades you want to use. While it is easiest to use mainly warm colors with a cool-toned accent colo

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